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Everton v West Ham : Time to blood the youngsters?

West Ham visit Goodison Park today aware that the main focus of the match will be the farewell and celebration of David Moyes in his last home game before his move to Manchester United.

Whether the occasion will affect Everton’s performance on the pitch remains to be seen, but it is clear that Big Sam wants to finish as high in the table as he can, given that he’ll need all the cash his chairmen can muster for the impending transfer window. With a sizeable fortune available for every place higher up in the Premiership trable, it is unlikely that Big Sam will use the fact that West Ham are now safe from relegation as an opportunity to blood some of the youngsters. It is a shame, but understandable, so we can therefore look forward to another largely unchanged side, playing the usual “away” tactics that we have seen all season. The team should therefore play in a defensive frame of mind with Carroll up front on his own. Everton will want to give Moyes a nice going away present, although their position in the table is unlikely to change now before the end of the season. They should have lion’s share of possession, and West Ham will try to strike on the counter attack. Although it is easy to criticise Mr Allardyce for employing such tactics, it is worth bearing in mind that without them, West Ham would surely not be safe right now, so not too many complaints from me.

As for the scoreline, I feel that Everton are going to nick this one by the odd goal, so I am going to go for 2-1 win to them. Here’s hoping I am wrong!