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Big Sam on the Clare Balding Show

Big Sam is making a guest appearance on the Clare Balding Show this week where, amongst other things, he will be talking about his rather legendary response to Chico Flores making a meal of a Carlton Cole tackle against Swansea. The big man says that he was hoping Flores would punch him so he would get sent off!

Here is a clip from the show:

The show will be airing this Thursday at 10:15pm on BT Sport 1 and on Friday on BBC 2 at 10pm so make sure to tune in.


Sign This Petition!

Sign this petition now! Make the FA Take retrospective action against players who are guilty of simulation in football

What a fantastic response from all right-minded people! The petition has been running for less than 2 days and we are rapidly approaching 1000 signatures!!

This is our chance to make a point to the FA. We need to tell them that we are fed up with their inaction. Players that cheat and feign injury to gain an unfair advantage must start to pay for their actions.

If you haven’t already signed, please do so. If you have, thanks very much! But we need more support for this petition. We need to get tens of thousands of people voting. Not just West Ham fans – all genuine football fans that care about the game.

So, please send this link to your friends. Email them, tweet them, tell them. Send the link to anyone who you think will make a difference. I have been tweeting journalists, players, politicians, you name it.

Here is the link: goo.gl/5FH0xJ


Let’s get football clean.




Sign this petition. Get cheats like Chico Flores banned retrospectively

As I thought, the FA upheld the red card against Andy Carroll from the Swansea game. In a way their hands were tied. Once Chico Flores had conned Howard Webb with his blatant simulation, the FA were always going to back the ref.

Everyone has had enough of these cheats that are ruining our game. West Ham now have to contend with 3 vital games without Carroll that could define their whole season and, if relegation happens as a result, cost them millions of pounds.

Let’s act now to stop these cheats from getting away with it in the future. Sign this petition and force the FA into taking action to bring in retrospective action against players guilty of simulation.

Please sign here: http://goo.gl/5FH0xJ

Many thanks

Cheato Flores

Why Carroll’s red card won’t be overturned

It’s enough to make your blood boil, those diving, cheating football players who writhe around in agony at the slightest physical contact with the sole intent of getting an opponent sent off. That is undoubtedly what Chico Flores did yesterday in the Swansea game, and it worked. Had Flores not fallen over, or even fallen over without the histrionics, it is fairly likely that Carroll would have stayed on the pitch. The fans (probably of both sides), the West Ham players (and probably most of the Swansea players apart from Flores), the managers, the media – everyone has said that the red card was harsh and should not have happened. West Ham have, of course, stated their intention to appeal. But what is the likelihood of the red card being rescinded? Rather slim, in my opinion, and rather gets my goat.

In order to get the red card overturned, there has to be no evidence of intent to harm/injure the opponent. Yes, Flores was climbing all over Carroll and yes, Carroll should probably have got a free kick. But looking at all the evidence in the cold light of day, Carroll looked to have flung his arm back in Flores’ direction in frustration. Look at the video here:


I know he only brushed the top of his head, but in the law of the game there only has to be intent. The powers that be will look at the evidence and the referees report, and obviously a lot depends on what Howard Webb puts in it. It is clear though that Webb consulted his linesman before reaching a decision, and I am guessing that the lino was asked if he saw any intent. He obviously thought he did and I think that is what swayed Webb’s decision too, as well as Flores’ disgusting behaviour.

I don’t agree with this and it makes me angry, as without Carroll, West Ham seem to lack any potent attacking whatsoever. Three games without him means not many points when we need them desperately. The law is an ass and needs to be changed. Christ, Norman Hunter would be turning in his grave! There is no room for common sense in the laws these days it seems.

I hope I am wrong but I just can’t see the decision being reversed. Maybe Webb will change his mind about his decision and state so, but I can’t see it happening myself. In an ideal world it would, and Flores would get a two match ban for simulation. Here’s hoping!