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Stewart Downing

After the gloom, hope springs eternal

It is nearly Thursday and the gloom has lifted around westhamfan.net Towers after the loss last Saturday against Spurs. The heady aroma of optimism seeps back around the place after another leave of absence, and it is time to pick through the bones of the match carcase to see what juicy nuggets can be found. I think that the rage against the tactical ineptitude of the manager needs to be tempered with the fact that there were actually a few choice morsels to savour after the event.

After flattering to deceive so may times last season, Stewart Downing finally rediscovered the knack of how to cross a ball from the byline, and put in a mature and exciting performance that is long overdue. Instead of the tame, inaccurate, floating affairs so prevalent last season, he delivered crosses with pace, venom and unerring accuracy, of the kind that make you hold your breath in mid flight. I only hope this isn’t just a flash in the proverbial pan, and is a sign of exciting times ahead.

Another performance of note was the new boy, Cheikhou Kouyate, who put in a rabble-rousing shift with as much energy as a whirling dervish on speed. He was quite simply everywhere, a bundle of energy, passion and commitment that was a joy to behold. He nearly had a goal, courtesy of a whipped cross from Downing, and he is understandably already a firm favourite with the fans.

The left back position for the Hammers has been a bit iffy for a while now, with previous incumbents never quite fitting the bill, but I believe that Aaron Cresswell has the ability to make the position his own after an assured home debut. He defended well, but also contributed greatly up the other end of the pitch too, and I just hope he can keep clear of the treatment room as much as possible.

Finally, now that Enner Valencia has got himself fit enough to do himself justice in the hustle and bustle of the Premier League, I firmly believe that it won’t be too long before he usurps good old Carlton as head boy, and I just hope he manages to get a bit of support from the likes of Zarate or Nolan. Or anyone really. But that’s half the problem, isn’t it?