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fans asleep

A new dawn..

Like sleeping beauty (you know that’s right!), I have wakened from a deep sleep. As I brush the cobwebs from my eyes and blink into the light, I ask what could have happened to rouse me from my slumber. With mouth wide open and a fixed gaze, I hear of how the dinosaurs who used to rule our land have now since moved away, driven by the Gods on high and accompanied by the cheers of the People.

After years of oppression the People were downtrodden and morose. With no obvious hope for the future and with heavy hearts, their daily lives turned to drudgery, and many (including myself) succombed to a deep sleep, as if drugged. But now the Gods have spoken. The dinosaurs have gone and a new Prince has arrived to breathe life into the land. The People are waking and there is great excitement in the air. Joy fills the land and the People carry the Prince on their shoulders, singing songs and looking forward to the future. Knights of the realm come flocking to join the Prince in his new adventure to the cheers of all.

But with this new-found excitement and hope brings danger. With the ability to fly comes the peril of crashing to the ground. But the People do not mind. They accept the dangers that come with envigoration and adventure, and they celebrate the banishment of the moroseness of times past. We all look forward to the future with joyous anticipation in our hearts, whatever that might bring.