Bilic out? You’ve got to be kidding me!

I must admit I am amazed how many people are clamouring for Slaven Bilic’s head before the Premiership season has even started. The poor guy must wonder what he has walked into. That said he seems to have a ruthless, no nonsense approach to the game, so it probably won’t even bother him, but come on!

The furore seems to stem solely from the decision to send a weakened team to Romania for the second leg against Astra Giurgiu, but I for one am pleased that he did. Let’s not forget that it was the first team that cocked it up against Astra in the first leg, and let’s also not forget that we all lambasted Sam Allardyce for not having faith in the youngsters in the squad. Well, Bilic does, and not only was it refreshing to see, but it was also invaluable experience that will improve them as players and as men. Yes, Maiga was his normal ineffective self, and Randolph seems a bit ropy, but Bilic was right to praise the young lads who gave their all for the club the other night.

The there is the common sense aspect of it all. We have already lost Valencia, do we really want to risk losing to injury the few other good players we have just for the slim hope of winning 23 matches in a row and winning a European trophy that, to be fair, we simply do not have the strength in depth to do? The main priority is surviving and progressing in the Premier League. Period. Bilic has his head screwed on. The fans that berate him for the side he picked against Astra Giurgiu are blinkered and need to see the big picture.

After watching the match on Thursday, sure I was disappointed that we lost. But it also gave me hope for future. We used to be renowned for bringing players through the Academy. It looks like those days are coming back.

So let’s give the manager a chance. Let’s give him till Christmas and then take stock.

As George Michael once said, “you’ve gotta have faith, faith, faith ahhhh!”

6 thoughts on “Bilic out? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  1. Matt

    Hooray! Finally someone speaking some sense. Anyone should be able to see how the ridiculous Europa Cup can really effect your league form. Let’s see how smug Southampton get on in the league if they progress. You only have to look at Everton last season until they got knocked out.

  2. Dougie

    A blessing we dont need to be in that mickey mouse cup. Prem status is our priority moving into OS these clowns calling for bilic to be sacked are deluded. Simple

  3. Ray

    I hope like the rest of you we are still with a chance of staying in the premier league, but try to remember this cos I do I think this man bought himself out of the contract he had with us, so he could clear off to Everton. That aside what has he achieved , some will say look at Croatia he did well there, but everywhere else he’s don from shite to ok, but I hope I’m wrong I truly do, but I think getting him in could do us more harm then good. I’m pissed of with this season before its began. Perhaps next year might be better, better hurry up for me I’m 56 this year.


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