This is how you do it, Mr Allardyce

Oh what a joy to behold. The sight of a West Ham side littered with promising youngsters giving a good account of themselves in the first team, backed up with seasoned professionals coaxing and encouraging them through the games. This is the way it should be. The future is bright methinks.

When I think back to the dark days of Allardyce’s reign when, as if to prove a point, he sent a team of young kids out to slaughter against Forest in the cup, out of their depth and bereft of support, without giving them an ounce of a chance in hell. That was the day that I turned against Allardyce, and it is a day I will never forgive him for.

Compare that to the way that the squad for the games against FC Lusitans has been prepared. Chalk and cheese. The kids have been nurtured and encouraged, and the teams are spiced with a backbone of experience. The first match was just a revelation, the way that the ball was knocked around, confidence in abundance. Terry Westley has done a great job getting these kids ready, and Bilic is to be commended for letting him run with it. This is how it is done, Mr Allardyce.

True, West Ham are playing a team who are no great shakes in Andorra, but that is not the point. Allardyce NEVER gave youth a chance. His percentage game plan didn’t give him that option. He was fixed in his ways and was a one-trick pony. Imagine if he was still in charge now. What side would he put out against Lusitans? You can bet it would look nothing like the one that is playing tomorrow. It would contain the same old journeymen that would give him the best chance in his eyes of not losing and maybe nicking a win.

Tomorrow, if luck prevails, I will be watching the game on the internet again, and I shall be smiling. This is how it is supposed to be. This is how I want it to stay. COME… ON… YOU… IRONS!

12 thoughts on “This is how you do it, Mr Allardyce

  1. Goatygav

    Yeah – but unlike all his other clubs the owners of West Ham didn’t allow him to leave behind a squad of ageing journeymen who couldn’t give a monkey’s about the club. Thank god the Daves didn’t allow him to control the transfer budget!

  2. Neil

    Wish people would stop moaning about Sam. He did exactly what was asked of him and more. Promoted first time, established us in the premier league. Many other managers wouldn’t have brought us up first time and many wouldn’t have established us in the premier league – look how many teams go straight down.

    The Notts Forest game we played youngsters, we had injuries and weren’t performing great in the league, premier league survival was the number 1 target, I’m sure if Sam was in charge he would be playing youngsters in these games considering how poor the opposition are. Wait until the league starts to see how many of these youngsters actually get played.

    Also how many of our youngsters under Sam have gone on to do well at other clubs? None. Because none were good enough, if they were Sam would have played them or they would have got in to other teams.

    Sam may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m happy for a change, but I’m very grateful for what he did for our club and other people should be too instead of knocking him and moaning at every opportunity.

    1. TK

      Many other managers wouldn’t have gotten us promoted??? We had the most expensive squad in the championship for crying out loud. It is a travesty we didn’t win automatic promotion.

    2. Englandsnumber6

      Agree Neil .. What he said, hindsight is a great thing he played some kids v Forest and they weren’t up to it , Lucitans are a conference side .Ive got much respect for Sam but fans are like sheep they follow the pack and it was vogue to dislike him but the vile abuse he got was shamefull , he did his job. Now it’s a new era .

  3. Alex

    Great article. To the guy above me there is NO excuse for what he done at forest that day. I felt ashamed to be in support of my club for the first time in my life that day. Arrogant scum he is. Onwards and upwards! West Ham next athletico!

    1. Philtheiron

      Just playing devils advocate here and out of curiosity, can anyone say just how many youngsters played that fateful day at forest. Or better still, what the actual team was.

      Many thanks.

  4. Paul Whitehead

    Bit rich, injuries and league position dictated who we sent out against City. I still though the class of the kids would suffice. I was wrong. If they had won, he would be a genius, just like if the kids had lost last week, we would be saying what bad management to start your regime handing over the reigns to an amateur. One thing I would to continue thinking is we do not have fickle fans.

    Sam came and did a great job. These so called mercenaries were what we could afford and did a great job. Let’s not pretend we were something that we were not in the same way we should embrace what we might become.

  5. Neil

    So if he had played more first team players against Notts Forest, and they’d got injured, we then lose the next few games due to an even worse injury crisis than we already had and get relegated. Think I would rather risk losing in the cup!

  6. cavs

    ‘neil’what crap you talk,you sound unhappy Sam the hippo has gone,f#ck off with him and leave west ham for real supporters mug.COYI,great season to come under slaven

  7. Laurent

    Bit strangeto keep on arguing about big Sam today. I also think he did a decent job,even if not always in the most attractive way. Football played bythe team in the first part of last season wasn’t that bad either was it? Let’s hopewe’re bound for even better days and a bright season. Coyi.

  8. AOF

    The Sam supporters always bring up that it showed the youngsters were not good enough but no mention of a formation set up that neither them or the first team had used all that season. It was a deliberate spiteful thing Allardyce did that day and those that support that what Sam did that day are a disgrace.


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