Why Stewart Downing must stay

I was a bit surprised when I initially heard that there had been bids for Stewart Downing a few weeks ago or more. I thought it was all just paper talk and would not come to anything. After all, Downing had a great first half of the season, and although his form tailed off in the second half, that was largely down to Allardyce abandoning the successful diamond system and sticking Downing back out on the wing.

Even when we signed Payet I thought, we would still need a decent sized squad of players with the number of matches we have to play, and injuries, etc. When he is on form Downing can be the creative spark we need, and his left foot can be sublime. I personally think that Downing would thrive under Bilic, and I was therefore increasingly alarmed when these bids for his signature kept on coming, and then I read that we had accepted a bid from Middlesbro. Of course, this has not been confirmed by West Ham, and could just be more speculation from people supposedly “in the know”. I just hope that the club continue to see sense and keep Downing on the books, as I think they would regret it if they let him go.


4 thoughts on “Why Stewart Downing must stay

  1. Jack

    I just wanted to say that I totally agree with what you have to say. If we’re going to push at all in the Europa League this season, we’re going to need a big squad of good players. Downing is a quality player at times and even if we can make a good profit on him, unless we have a replacement in mind, I see no good reason for selling him. He’s proven his worth at the top level of English football, he has good stamina, fitness levels and commitment to the club – he’s exactly the kind of player that we need next season even if he’s not going to play every week.

  2. Stockporthammer

    Selling Downing would be a huge error which will be compounded when (not if) we get a run of bad injuries and suspensions to our first choice midfielders.

  3. Philtheiron

    Imo Stuart Downing is a very fine player and at times last year at the tip of the diamond he was inspirational.
    I also get the argument that we should be looking to add quality to our squad and not be giving it away.
    It is also Fair to say that every player has his price and that age is no disclaimer.

    Another truism and common business sense is that one should never sell a player unless the price is right and that a suitable replacement is already in place.

    There is a rumour that downing is wanted by any number of clubs from the northeast, including boro. With the hope that a bid of sum £8mill will tempt him away.
    Now I don’t believe that boro have that kind of money to spend on a player, especially one over thirty. As there can be no long term return on a player of that age. It makes no economic sense.
    Furthermore, West Ham have stated he is not for sale and the player has made no desire that he wants to leave.

    However, £8mill is a very good deal for us for a player of that age and I believe there is a ready made in fact better replacement waiting in the wings.

    Cabaye anybody?
    Now it has been rumoured that he is set to join palace but I believe not only does he not want to join them but they would struggle to justify spending such a very large amount of their transfer budget on one player.

    He would however find us a more tempting proposition.

    So if boro or even others want to come up with £8mill or more for a player the wrong side of thirty, then we should take the money.

    Not only that, we should then invest it in cabaye a younger, attacking and more creative midfielder. IFBB!

  4. Maxie Willow

    I am in full agreement with your comments relating to Stewart Downing’s future at West Ham.
    This year is going to be tough, and unless absolutely necessary, we want to expand on our squad for waht will be a taxing season ahead.
    I agree with the comment that under Slaven Bilic’s astute ‘eye’, Stewart will thrive and have a fabulous ‘fairy-tale’ ending to his EPL days.
    It is hard to assess how keen he is to get back to Middlesbro’, but I can only imagine he is an integral and much-loved player for our team.
    Personally speaking, we should do everything to encourage him to stay, including an improved and extended (3 year with bonuses) contract.
    Hopefully, Bilic, the ‘astute man he appears to be’, can convince Stewart’s role in the ‘West Ham Way’

    PS Now that the Greek economy looks fragile, and if Nene (who was on the verge of signing with Olympiakos) returns to England, someone at West Ham should bring this guy to the attention of Bilic. OK- he is 33, but very fit, very creative, and should be given ‘the fair go’, that BFS did not give him last year. Again, a player to come on for 30-45 mins, when our other players are starting to fade. Plus the ‘WHU’ fans love this little champion!


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