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Going for a Song

Am I the only one that finds it a bit strange that West Ham are now interested in signing Alex Song on a permanent basis? There is no doubt that Song was a class act when he first joined the Hammers on loan last season, but it appeared that as soon as retired from international football his form dipped quite alarmingly. Defence splitting passes were now going astray, and he just didn’t seem to be as committed as we was when he first arrived. Some would say he was even becoming a liability.

Odd then, that after the end of the season when the club was reportedly no longer interested in signing him permanently because of the dip in form, we are now reportedly on the verge of signing him on a free transfer. Perhaps Mr Bilic feels he can get the best out of him and has intervened, who knows? One thing is certain, if Slaven can get him back to where he was at the beginning of last season, we are in for a treat.


4 thoughts on “Going for a Song

  1. evan

    He’s decline also corresponded with BFS ghanging back to dross football. Lack of movement and poor attack. There could be a number of reasons for his poor performances and mine reason may not be the main one, but if there is nothing in front of you to pass to, then you are limited in what you can do. I accept and can’t be assed banging on about each issue as they have been discussed endlessly but most attacking players dropped in performance after xmas with the change in shape.

    1. ken

      Totaly agree with this post its horrible playing in midfiield when the only option is the long hopeful high ball.

  2. Philtheiron

    Yes, I believe you must be the only one who finds trying to sign Song on a free transfer.
    Admittedly his drop in form during the second half of the season was alarming but then again so did that of the whole team as well. So he was in good company!
    In fact his loss of form may have done us a huge favour when trying to negotiate any transfer.

    But put simply the reason we should sign Song is this, form may be temporary but class is permanent! COYI!

  3. Geoff

    You may find the Song’s form dip occurred same time as Sam brought back Andy Carroll & WH’s split passing & front two running was forgotten about in deference to getting the ball onto Andy’s head. If Slav can reinstate the former then Alex will be a superb asset.


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