Same as it ever was, same as it ever was………..

The Premier League finally got under way on Saturday, and the West Ham fans turned up in droves to witness a new era in the club’s recent history. After a disappointing season last year, the owners made it clear to Sam Allardyce that they wanted to see a change in the footballing ethos, with attack being the best form of defence being the new mindset. To back up their demands, the owners have dug deep into their pockets and brought in a raft of new attacking talent including Kouyate, Valencia, Zarate, Poyet and Sakho, plus defenders Cresswell and Jenkinson.

True to his word, Sam Allardyce chose a team to set the pulse racing, and prolific striker Carlton Cole was the centrepiece of an attacking 4-5-1 formation. The new players were prominent on the substitutes bench in a 1-1-1-1 formation, although the physio had to called on a couple of occasions due to splinter issues on the nether regions.

West Ham had a stroke of good fortune in the first half when Naughton was sent off for Spurs, and Allardyce took advantage of his team’s extra man by getting everyone behind the ball to make sure Spurs didn’t score, because you know how hard ten men are to beat. After an hour, Allardyce showed his astute tactical knowhow again and succeeded in pressing home West Ham’s advantage by taking off a defender and replacing him with, um, another defender. Not to be content, though, Allardyce outdid himself after 81 minutes by throwing caution to the wind and giving Valencia his first taste of Premiership football. Valencia came on for ….Cole, and the new formation saw him thrust into the opposition’s half, although not by much.

Unfortunately, Spurs managed to take advantage of the Hammers’ relentless attacks by nicking a goal right near the end. Life sucks, eh Sam?

Give me strength!

8 thoughts on “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was………..

  1. Sean Ellis

    Spot on,but you missed the other piece of tactical mastery when Fattydice failed to see a defender on a yellow and subbing him…. Result? He’s now carping on about the lack of defenders for palace..
    Give me even more strength…

  2. hammersdog

    Fat sam is clueless and cant change never will. West ham start with 10 every week putting the ineffective nolan in the side . We all know he tries 2 take xmas of with suspension but please for the fans sake get injured and take the whole season off. Diame or morrison can do more in 10 mins than nolan does in any match. Hope valencia knows all he has 2 do is control the ball from a hoof 30 yards out beat 2 defenders get in the box and score simple . Good luck any support will be sat on the bench .. fat sam you bore the paying fans time for you 2 go and please take nolan with you ….

  3. Cranham Hammer

    Could not put it better myself – same old s”*t. It was widely report that Valencia was 100% match fit, and we all know Zarate is currently our sharpest attacker. So SA leaves or best chance of getting a goal warming the bench, and puts on a 80% fit player. SA – listen – we are not stupid. This is not rocket science.

  4. Hammerdale22

    Its all 2 obvious for intelligent managers 2 C, but we have put the Dudley Dinosaur in charge to chew his was threw the league, but as with time we evolve and certain things die or become extinct,
    Crystal palace, even if it was for a short while under the pulis’s leadership, they had evolved, he had learnt that we are now in the 21st century and things had to change, to which he had done with the team he inherited, yet we have bought well this season, (well Sullivan has) we look younger fitter and much stronger, yet we seem the same, no evidence of attacking free flowing football that we were promised, OK we were balanced well but when Spurs went down to 10 men we had a chance to add a creative player into the mix to exploit the space that spurs had freed up for us, (Zarate)
    Don’t be silly , Zarate was never gonna get his chance with Bfs, because he was a Sullivan buy, Dino Sam would never want to play a quality player that could put Spurs on the back foot and open up opposition defense as its uncharted waters for him as a defensive Manager , there was no bravery at home to the enemy, we did not go for the kill,, we played it safe and boy did it backfire on us in the closing minute of the game, New season same ole style- Get rid of the Dudley Dinosaur and quick be fore we become extinct as a club …..Coy!
    Upton (Jurassic) Park is a boring place to watch Hoofball… We need change we are not United as a Club

  5. Ray

    Give me strength, ffs, the boss says they are not quite fit enough or used to playing E.P.L football and what if he did play them and one was playing crap ( cos he was not match fit) he be slated by the likes of you, pula one got injured , you be saying Big FAT Sam should have known this sort of thing would happen.
    So you see he cannot win.

    Just try to enjoy the premiership footie is back, we’ll at least for five games before you vent your spline again. Give me strength.


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