Enough is enough! Time to get shot of Ravel Morrison

After a day when we hear how he allegedly threatened to throw acid in his ex-girlfriend’s face, blow up her house and have her killed, followed by posting a picture of himself on Instagram wearing an Arsenal shirt, Ravel Morrison has finally worn out my patience. True, he has talent, but the baggage that goes with him is surely too much for anyone to bear. In a profession where team spirit is key, he can only bring discord into the dressing room. It looks like Allardyce was right, and I hope the owners swallow their pride and admit they were wrong. There should be enough buyers willing to give him yet another final chance elsewhere, so I say good riddance and let’s get on with talking about football.

4 thoughts on “Enough is enough! Time to get shot of Ravel Morrison

  1. roger holcombe

    Absolutely in agreement that this stupid youth should go.
    He has bought nothing but discredit to the club, and discord to all
    No amount of talent justifies the attitude of the player
    and he should go As Soon As Possible.
    I have been following the Club for over 6o years now
    and feel he is the worst single decision we have made.

    1. Stockporthammer

      Steviez, what planet you on mate?
      Aside from wearing another rival’s shirt (which didn’t work that well for Paul Ince), this big and really brave ‘kid’ (according to recent court evidence, allegedly) likes beating up ex-girlfriends and their mothers, threatening to disfigure them with acid and vowing to kill them by blowing up their house! If this is proven to be true, do you stand by your comments to give him a chance? If so, how many (proven to be) immoral scum bag bullies are you willing to accept and tolerate at our world famous club just to stay up or get into Europe? You talk about have a little faith …..? Don’t make me laugh. I’ll stick with BFS on this one. This clearly ungrateful waste of talent may well go down for his recent escapades anyway so I hope he has played his last game for West Ham. Enough is enough.

  2. Stockporthammer

    Absolutely bang on. Morrison is an ungrateful waste of space. For all the Gollivans’ wisdom on reining in BFS’s very effective but 1 dimensional play, I think every real Hammers fan has to admit the board have got this one wrong. If AC had recovered from last summer’s injury as was expected i.e. by Sept/Oct and scored 20+ goals we’d be in the Europa Cup now and BFS would be called a genius. I’m not a BFS apologist but on Morrison he was absolutely right. Morrison go crawl back to the hole you came from. You are not welcome at our club.


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