Allardyce sticks two fingers up at the board and the fans

With Sam Allardyce only keeping his job after acceding to demands from the board that his team plays more attacking football, you would think that with pre-season nearly done and dusted and a handful of new, exciting recruits to choose from, that there would be a glimmer of things to come on the pitch at this point. Far from it though, as Allardyce seems intent on thumbing his nose at the owners by serving up the exact same boring defensive anti-football that the long-suffering fans had to put up with last season. Playing same old 4-5-1 and with a gap of least 20 yards between the midfield and the lone striker, Messrs Sullivan and Gold are no doubt beginning to think that they have been mugged. Despite a win on penalties against Schalke to cheer up the fans, the football has been the same dross as last year without even a single shot on goal to count for it. Allardyce is clearly not going to be told how to play football, and despite paying lip service by giving his old mate Teddy Sherringham a part time job as attacking coach (where are you Teddy?), you can bet on this leopard not changing its spots. You have to feel sorry for all the poor souls who were persuaded to part with their hard-earned cash for another season ticket. If it was me I would be sending it back for a refund under the Trades Description act. What a laughable state the club is in again. I know this is only pre-season, and in the words of Mr Allardyce the pre-season games are for the sole purpose of getting fit (not for trying out new tactics then?), I can pretty safely say that this is as good as it’s going to get.

Allardyce out!

10 thoughts on “Allardyce sticks two fingers up at the board and the fans

  1. Al

    Turgid and painful-to-watch – that is what the all new ‘attacking tactics’ employed by BFS have brought. Strange how not one writer/blogger/tweeter who’s cared to share their thoughts during this win less pre-season, has noticed any difference to last year’s hard-on-the-eye route one football, employed for the benefit of our beloved club and to the enjoyment of mankind by the self-confessed master tactician known affectionately as Big Fat (*%$£er) Sam.

    The thing is, it’s not that the signings he and/or the board have made over the summer have been bad, far from it in fact. In Kouyate and Poyet I believe we have two very good central midfielders, better than what we have already (and I include Mark Noble in that statement) and I approve of Valencia, Zarate and the 2 pacy full backs too. The real problem is not the quality of player on show, it is the way Sam deploys them and the system he plays. It’s been well documented that he likes to play one up top and to launch it, so the only tactic he has is to hit a big target man and look to pick up the 2nd ball. What worries me most though is his attitude and warped sense of belief, emphasised by his comments in a recent interview on the official site where he states that (I’m para-phrasing) “…we need on more striker who can score goals as CREATING THEM ISN’T OUR PROBLEM”. Er…. yes it is. I’m not sure what he measures this by but it is plain for all to see that we lack any creativity whatsoever in the MIDDLE OF THE PARK. This is because he keeps buying one type of midfielder, namely a ball winner who can pass square to a more creative player to set up attacks (except for Noble who passed square to the opposition and sets up their attacks), only we don’t have anyone creative there, so it ends up with another square ball which slows the game down to a plodding predictable pace until eventually someone gets bored and launches it towards our isolated (or in the case of Zarate, short) centre forward, thus gifting the ball back to the opposition and so we start to defend again – 6 across the back, 3 in midfield, 1 up top. Lovely and such a joy to behold.
    I don’t know about you but for me, that’s not why I ever started watching football and not why I loved the ‘West Ham way’, a way cemented by the tactical brilliance of Ron Greenwood and further enhanced by creative genius’ like Sir Trevor Brooking, Alan Devonshire, Liam Brady, Paulo Di Canio etc etc. Sadly those who believe Sam will mend his tedious ways to incorporate a more attacking style of play are deluded (come on Dave’s, you know I’m right) and the only way we are going to see some flair/imagination/fun/2 up top/creativity in the famous old claret and blue again is to rid our club of this big fat blight and get someone in who allows the players to express themselves and the fans to start enjoying their football once again.

    1. w4hammer

      Two well argued comments – reflecting totally the actual situation and (thus) the thoughts of most west ham fans who actually go to games. Once you get past the bile, world-weariness and general drudgery of watching west ham of late- most of us actually understand the game, and can spot bullshit ( “….we tried to play in a more expansive way and got caught out a few times ..” from BFS in NZ) and also a desperately tame start to the new season continuing.

      If we learnt anything from the world cup whether germany’s flexible 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1/ 4-2-3-1 or hollands back-to-the-future 3-5-2, it was that defending high up the pitch is worth the risk, as when you get the ball back, this allows committing of players to lightning fast counters – move the ball fast, move the players fast, overrun the midfield and then stretch the defenders. We saw the same yesterday with Malaga- a tidy outfit who were able to move the ball fast and slickly through our midfield as i) they had numerical advantage ii) they wanted to get the ball behind out defenders fast.

      By comparison, every time we get the ball back, its about five sideways passes, allow them to re-shape, then try a little pinged ball ( lose possession) or scuff-the-ball-down-the-wing bullshit from downing and jarvo- the same style we saw didnt work for most of last season.

      As we start another season with other ” key” players injured, my guess is that BFS’s answer is to loan/buy players who do the same i.e. Zaha as another option on the wing and a crouch/wickham etc as the lone striker.

      Its bollocks. We need faster minds, bodies and a change of tactics in the middle of the park- play on the front foot, and err start with getting rid of this monstrous millstone around our neck in the form of BFS – let him retire in Marbella with a years pay-off- it will be wroth it in the end.


  2. carvs

    I cant believe how badly the club is run?fat sham should’ve been sacked at the end of the season.Hes got contempt for the fans and the owners.FOR F#CK SAKE SACK HIM!before he undermines this season,enough is enough

  3. Ed

    Let’s keep it simple. The owners buy talented forwards like Zarate and Valencia and then allow their manager to isolate them up front. At least he did this with Zarate, and will no doubt do it with Valencia. So, they buy decent forwards, for a lot of money, who won’t be brought into the game, and they are still not sacking the manager. So my question is: How stupid are Gold and Sullivan?

  4. Brian Burgess

    Think I’ve got Avram allardyce sussed. If he can get us relegated he can put in for a new contract to take us back up again. But a question for the 2 Davids. If you had a manager in 1 of the other businesses you’ve either had or still have outside of football, & he or she was ignoring what you told him or her, & turning that company into a loser & costing you money, or making that company fail, how long would you wait before you showed him or her the door?

  5. Daniel Connolly

    There never was going to be attacking football, the owners needed to sell tickets so come up with this nonsense story of sam changing his tactics and football philosophy for the fans.Did you really fall for it

  6. Ricky

    Sorry but I for one will not buy a season ticket now until BFS goes and if more people did the same then we would see how long he lasts
    This rubbish was exactly the same boring tactics he put in place last season and by not allowing young attacking players to puch up the field and play their natural game he’s showing his intent from the start
    Sad to say but be knows no other way of playing no plan B and he’s too pig headed to admit it (I work hard for my money and I will not be spending it at West Ham till things change)
    It’s going to be very interesting to see what he does against Totscum


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