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Gold and Sullivan plumb new depths and heap more humiliation on West Ham United

It could only happen at West Ham!

After failing to back or sack Sam Allardyce at the end of last season, the owners decided that he would be given one last chance to appease the fans who demanded more entertaining football and a more attacking philosophy. Instead of employing a manager to manage the club the way he knows how, they have imposed a style and set of tactics on a man who knows no other way to play and the consequences are surely a long, hard season of battling against relegation. Moreover, instead of even giving him the chance to prove that he can deliver what has been asked, Sullivan and Gold seem intent on sniping and interfering at every step of the way. They publicly contradicted Allardyce’s stance on Ravel Morrison’s future, causing the manager to backtrack 24 hours later, and now it seems that David Gold has “favourited” a Tweet calling for the manager’s head.

Allardyce has also not been slow to stick his own oar in. After two defeats and lacklustre displays against New Zealand opposition, Allardyce blamed the new style of play on the defensive frailties, and now rumours abound that Allardyce may not even see the first game of the season.

This whole episode is an embarrassment to the club, and the owners need to sort it out quickly. There is no point in carrying on with a manager that is clearly not wanted by the board, and instead of shooting their mouths off in public, they should take firm and immediate action (and grow a pair) and dispense with his services. The owners need also to take a good look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves “are we fit and proper owners for this club?”

3 thoughts on “Gold and Sullivan plumb new depths and heap more humiliation on West Ham United

  1. Rosspa

    Brilliant !…why can’t they just do what they’ve got to do and stay in the back ground like most chairmen !


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