West Ham again show a complete lack of class in merchandise embarrassment!

The current incumbents of the West Ham tenure have again showed a complete lack of class with the release in the online shop of merchandise celebrating the “treble” that the Hammers won last season. No, not the FA Cup , Premiership title and Champions League of course! Messrs Sullivan and Gold have seen fit to brag about winning, wait for it, 3 matches against Spurs in one season! I mean, how embarrassing. What next? How about a “We scored a goal” t-shirt or a “We actually won a game!” mug. Yet again we are the laughing stock of football. Sometimes it is like our club is being run by Delboy and Rodney. Good grief.

3 thoughts on “West Ham again show a complete lack of class in merchandise embarrassment!

  1. Jamie

    Couldn’t agree more. Embarrassing, makes us look small time, classless ! Reminds me of the City superstars advertisement.

  2. Tony Hammer

    Totally agree. What on earth possessed our commercial department to think that a “stunt” like this does anything other than make us look like a small club celebrating a few wins over a rival. A rival that mixes in circles that we can only dream of ie European football and striving for the Champions League every season. It only serves to reinforce Spurs supporters view of our club as some sort of tin pot outfit

    Please withdraw these and the treble mugs immediately West Ham


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