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Player power to keep Allardyce in job?

Today is the day. The big, end of season meeting at Sullivan Towers will today decide Sam Allardyce’s fate. Allardyce has come under intense pressure recently from fans who demand an end to the boring, anti-football that the manager favours to get results. But it looks like Allardyce could be saved by the power of the players, as one by one the senior pros have come out in support of their manager.

Yesterday it was skipper Kevin Nolan who said: “Hopefully Sam’s going to keep his job and be able to do what he’s done and recruit in the summer and bring people in to go on.

“Sometimes it’s a mistake to change. If you do get rid, who do you bring in?

“His pride is definitely hurt and anyone who knows him should know that. At the end of the day he deserves more respect than what he’s got and I’m disappointed there is all this talk.

“But that’s the life of a football manager. He’s got a thick skin and he’s got a meeting with the chairman this week to discuss where we are going to go in the future and all the lads are hoping it is only paper talk.

“It’s crazy, but that’s the world of football these days. The pressure on people is enormous and that’s something what the gaffer’s got to put up with.

“I’ll be very disappointed if he lost the job and all those boys in the dressing room will be very disappointed.

“Before he came we were in the Championship, and it was in a real bad state – not just on the outside, but inside and that’s what he does, he builds from the foundations up and he’s starting to build something here.

“He’s got the vision and he’s got to make us believe his vision. If we all get behind him, the chairman, myself, the players, the fans, if we all get behind him, together we will be in for a successful future for this club”.

Now, fan power is one thing, and Sullivan and Gold run the risk of performances being affected by critical fans next season if Allardyce stays. But player power is also a big factor in all this. If Allardyce does get the heave-ho and the players are not as comfortable with his replacement, then performances could suffer even more. If the new manager has lost the dressing room before he even gets here, then the prospect of relegation becomes a real possibility.

So what will Sullivan and Gold do? My guess is that they will give him one more season and play it by ear. If the results pick up and West Ham start playing with a more attacking bent next season, then the fans will be happy. If the song remains the same then he could be gone by October/November.

It will certainly be a fascinating day.

3 thoughts on “Player power to keep Allardyce in job?

  1. ian bradford

    There are two avenues to go here. Keep Alladyce for stability if not with fans with the players and management. We have seen this season degenerate from promising to abysmal,accepting the fact that injuries did influence this situation significantly, but critical of questionable purchases, ie Downing(did we really need him or just nice to have from Alladyces point of view), Carroll- will he ever reach his full POTENTIAL over injuries, and Maiga-awful, not meant for any premiership team!
    The second avenue is to sack Alladyce.Simple! But then we have the inevitable question. Next season is crucial that we improve as looming in the near distance is the Behemoth at Stratford! We cannot go into that stadium and attract another 20000 fans with the unadulterated rubbish that we have been subjected to this past season. So we have the inevitable imponderable. .Mr Alladyce stays for another season presenting messrs Gold Sullivan and Brady with a presentation that suggests a healthy mix of solid defending mixed with a more progressive adventurous midfield topped with a far more imaginative attack that exercise those lovely little trinkets of unpredictability that make all strike forces succeed!
    We have been brought up with that havent we?
    Alternatively, we look for another manager and what have we got out there? Gold and co cant afford the Ancellotis , Pellegrinis, Mourihnos of the world, so we go for less well known foreign managers albeit Laudrup is one with Premiership experience. Many a foreign manager has come to this country with an excellent pedigree abroad and flounders here basically because of this league. So whos available in England? Forget the Pulis’s, Houghtons etc they wont give us anything better or different from Alladyce and Alladyce has proved he can keep us up- although UGLY as the term is used nowadays. I think the West Ham Board, being Hammers supporters, already know what they want from Alladyces predictions and presentations for next season, if they feel he can fulfil them, and they are willing to release sufficient funds to back them, Alladyce should be allowed to stay. Always remember, Sir Alex took 5 seasons to turn round ManU in the 80’s-90’s, if Alladyce (who Ferguson respects) can improve with a better balance, who knows, he may be our future in the long term as well and it seems the players think so too!!! Ian Bradford Hammer for 55 years

  2. Cockney Dream

    I am a lifelong hammers fan and i would like to see Big Sam stay in charge,but i think the club should bring in some talented ex hammers to help him.For example bring Di Canio in to manage the youth or reserve team and train with the first team strikers,and also consider Malky Mackay for an assistant manger role. I think the west ham board should think on these lines rather than taking a big chance on a new manager.

    Sam has the defence organised now,we just need to improve our attacking play and bolster the forward line with a supporting striker for Andy Carrol and another big target man for cover.Also we need a playmaker in midfield from the Ian Bishop mould and a pacy supporting midfielder to join the play as we counter attack.

    My suggestions of summer signings are as follows:

    Demba Ba – Chelsea
    Hernandez – Man Utd
    Borini – Liverpool

    1. Mark Post author

      I would love those 3 players at West Ham, but to be honest, would they want to come to us? When a player knows that the manager is only ever going to play Carroll up front on his own, it doesn’t really give them much incentive to join. We will be lucky to get any half decent striker apart from the has-beens that are after a final big pay cheque.


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