Dead man walking

Wow, I didn’t see that coming. In an interview with The Mail, Sam Allardyce has come out with some extraordinary comments about West Ham, that befits someone who knows that they are on the way out of the club. Despite assurances to the contrary from David Gold, it now seems that the tide has turned for Big Sam, and he is now odds-on in my book for the chop at the end of the season.

After David Sullivan’s extraordinary apology to the fans at the end of season bash, and the online vote that went massively against him, Sam has been talking to the Mail, and all things combined leave the distinct impression that he is for the chop at the end of season debrief in Sullivan’s mansion. Mr Allardyce said, “I have more ambition than West Ham ever have. I have more ambition than them, or the same ambition as them.

“I want to get into Europe. I want to get into the new stadium. I want to win a cup. If I don’t have ambition I don’t do this job.

“If I don’t have drive, or motivation, I don’t do this job. I am ambitious. I have seen it all before and you use your experience to try to achieve that ambition. Can West Ham match my ambition? Eventually, yes. It is whether everyone is patient enough to wait to get there. That is the problem today: a lack of patience across the board.”

When Big Sam was asked whether he would still be in charge when the Hammers moved into the Olympic Stadium, he said “As the average life of a manager is 13 months you would have to say “no”, being realistic.

“We’ve had more (managerial) changes in the Premier League than ever before and one never knows when it’s going to happen to you. You have to do the best with the resources you’ve got.

“This club was in the Championship when I came here and I have delivered what I have been asked to deliver. I did what Gus Poyet did at Sunderland, but six or seven weeks ago. So if I had done it now instead of then would everyone be singing my praises? Probably yes.”

The line that is most curious is: “I have more ambition than West Ham ever have. I have more ambition than them, or the same ambition as them.”
Now that just sounds a bit odd, when looked at on its own, so there is a chance that he may have been quoted out of context, and it is The Mail after all.

But generally I think that Sullivan has had enough, and is willing to ring the changes to keep the fans happy and get West Ham playing more attractive stuff. There also have been plenty of fans claiming that they will not be renewing their season tickets if Sam stays at the helm, and that in itself is enough to make Sullivan sit up and take action.

Interesting days ahead!

8 thoughts on “Dead man walking

  1. john morris

    if we do get rid of him i can only see one thing happening next season a long hard season finishing with relegation and for all the fans that say we want attractive football get real we have not played attractive football since the late 70:s. I am not sure now weather to renew my season ticket as i would like to know who we will be replacing him before i seperate with my money, lets pray its not paulo di caino chris hougton or malky mackay.I would consider david moyes but lets have it he got more ambition than west ham and the players we got are poor for him to work with. championship here we come.

  2. Jo Marsh

    There is a slightly different, more positive version of same in the Guardian. Seems to me there is a concerted effort to remove the man from the job/club, and pressure is on the weakest point: Sullivan.

    Sam has done everything asked of him. And after a bloody difficult season filled with injuries which can only occur at UP, we look to be finishing 12th. I am pretty much certain, that with very few exceptions (85/6, 03 stand out) this is one of the highest positions we have ended a season in whilst playing in the top tier.

    Whenever I have attempted to stand up for Sam, I have been surprised at the vitriol and personal abuse which is chucked in my direction! I have never had such an experience before i n my many years supporting the Irons.

    What does the bloke have to do? Given time, the attractive footie will be back, but right now I want my side to fight to the death, and become a regular top half side. Thing is, where did we finish in the late 60s and 70s, when Greenwood and Lyall, (purveyors of fabulously attractive carpet football to the East End) had great players in the side?

    I should like to see the bloke given another season. And I would think less of the board if they capitulate and sack him.

    I wrote a blog in similar vein, if you are bored enough to check it out:

    1. Philtheiron

      I am not going to poor scorn on you but agree with you 100%! Some people have short memories and even shorter patience! Two thing we need to remember is the good old days were not very good! (Unless you count continually underachieving and poor investment!), and secondly when BS took over we were in danger of going out of business! It is also pretty difficult to build a team let alone a squad and play attractive football when you have to service over £130million worth of debt! (100mill of which has been repaid). So promotion to the prem and two comfortable mid table finishes maybe a bit of an achievement after all! But all of this is largely academic as it is next season where it all matters! As this will be our last chance to get it all right before we move to the OS! At the end of the day, nobody will remember the journey if we arrive in style! COYI!

      1. Paul

        Have a word, how much have we spent on players? Erm, did we not break our own club record twice with Carroll and Jarvis? How about Maiga? He was really good wasn’t he. Actually, he might have been, if we played him in his correct position. How about Diame? How does a good player go so off? Play a centre midfielder on the wing out of position. Better still, when your losing and your target man needs help, let’s take off your wide men and chuck another target man on like cole. Better still, let’s stick by Nolan as he is clearly on form and has been all season including the stragically timed pair of sending offs. Or how about signing another 30 something cos we dont have any of them. Sorry, I’m being sarcastic here, let’s be fair to SAMs tactics, it’s a great idea to give it to Collins and through the skill of his deft foot, he will supply a killer pass to our lump up front to tuck it away neatly with his head. 14 clean sheets all season? Fantastic. How did we manage to concede so many goals then? It couldn’t be fat SAMs fault, he’s done everything asked of him. We scraped our way into the mighty play offs and only just beat the mighty Blackpool. We had a great cup run this year, it was worth every penny spent watching us play amazingly well vs city, then because Sam is so astute, we saw that the future was bright at forest. Inspiring times. Sorry, I may appear a little sarcastic but it reall y has been a great few years under Sam. I look forward to his last few days.

  3. Michael

    Agree with both comments when you think 30games without AC one month without a back four where would we have finished this year maybe top eight ?Yes we have all had a moan at times this year ,just remember Mr Sullivan Bolton Blackburn Newcastle were all relegated after he was sacked

  4. Paul

    Are you all blind? What crap have you been watching all season? How many lame arsed, repetitive excuses can you pro Sam brigade regurgitate? You lot are as boring as us anti Sam brigade going on about our opinions. You’ve heard all us anti’s arguments enough times already for me to labour the points again. We are bored to the point of not paying to watch the dross served up by the dinosaur, safe or otherwise. We may not have played the west ham way since whenever, but we do want something a bit smarter than what we have witnessed at home and away all season. We are rubbish under fat Sam and a laughing stock to support and to watch. Football aside, as a person the man is an arrogant, egotistical, one dimensional fool. I love how he endears himself so professionally to us all and has done since day one cf deluded. My 5 year old son now supports Stoke City because of THAT game and I am Not joking. And now I will be rude, if you pro Sam lot love him that much ( assuming that you aren’t actually on the pay roll for some twat who loves Sam more than you love money), then please do one and when he gets sacked next week, go and support your fat boy there. Shut the front door on your way out too you annoying divs.


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