Allardyce here for the long haul

KUMB today posted an article in which West Ham chairman David Gold came out in support of Sam Allardyce.

As I posted a week or so ago, it seems that the chairmen are solely focused on keeping West Ham in the Premier League at any cost prior to the move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. In an interview with Ridge Radio yesterday, Mr Gold said “this isn’t about one season, it isn’t about a couple of years – this is about a plan that takes us from joining the football club four years ago to the Olympic Stadium, which is a six-year venture.”

I suppose we all need to remember that the two Davids are businessmen first and West Ham fans second. Football today is a numbers game and long gone are the days when entertainment was top of the agenda.

Mr Gold did go on to blot his copybook somewhat though, when he claimed that “We’re now being associated as a long ball team, implying that we hit more long balls than any other club in the Premier League – but that is absolutely not true,” he argued. ” There is this perception but we have to be very careful.

“If we were in the bottom three then I’d say ok, we’ve really got to face up to this fact that we’re a long ball football club. However let me tell you this; Real Madrid, 2-0 down with ten minutes to go will launch the ball into the box. It’s human nature and it’s what happens.

“It’s just what you do when you’re running out of time, the ball starts getting launched. But equally, we must balance that by saying what a fantastic goal we scored against Tottenham where the ball never left the ground from the defence to hitting the back of the net.”

Now, I’m not sure what Mr Gold has been watching lately, and I know he has got to put a positive spin on things if he is intent on keeping Allardyce at the helm, but even he must surely be fed up with the dire drivel that has been played on the park in recent matches?

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