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Sign this petition now! Make the FA Take retrospective action against players who are guilty of simulation in football

What a fantastic response from all right-minded people! The petition has been running for less than 2 days and we are rapidly approaching 1000 signatures!!

This is our chance to make a point to the FA. We need to tell them that we are fed up with their inaction. Players that cheat and feign injury to gain an unfair advantage must start to pay for their actions.

If you haven’t already signed, please do so. If you have, thanks very much! But we need more support for this petition. We need to get tens of thousands of people voting. Not just West Ham fans – all genuine football fans that care about the game.

So, please send this link to your friends. Email them, tweet them, tell them. Send the link to anyone who you think will make a difference. I have been tweeting journalists, players, politicians, you name it.

Here is the link:


Let’s get football clean.



10 thoughts on “Sign this petition now! Make the FA Take retrospective action against players who are guilty of simulation in football

  1. Scott Hartman

    If the FA are the custodians of the rules of the sport then they should examine this incident and make a proper judgement – there was contact but unless Andy Carroll has eyes in the back of his head there is no possible way he could have intended to strike the opposition player with his elbow.

    On a seperate note, the FA should introduce a rule that punishes cheating players, such as the Swansea player in this example, when they deliberately mislead the officials by “play acting” and pretending they have been injured seriously. The game is becoming a laughing stock and the players are responsible so the FA should tanke action to prevent this. The FA are a well respected organisation that should be leading the way on such issues and I sincerely hope and believe they will.

    Scott Hartman

  2. richard

    I think if one of the top four teams had the same problem it would have been withdrawn ,and also if carol gets a three game so should flores ,what does the fourth official actually do wouldn’t it be better for that official to be looking at a tv on the touchline and making decisions thanks .

  3. roger

    Not only should we be signing this
    so should every like minded Football Fan.
    Please guys do your level best to pass this around other clubs.

    & Yes I have signed


  4. Tony Ward

    Not only is this a bad decision as far as WHU are concerned – its a bad decision for the game of football – players of all ages will watch and think its ok to cheat – you have to change – save the game of football becoming a game of ‘cheatball’!!

  5. terry moffat

    how it is possible for 3 unnamed individuals to make a decision based on the tv footage available,and uphold Webb’s ludicrous decision,because he is our representative at the World Cup,is beyond me.I am old enough to remember,the diabolical decision given to Tony Gale in the semi-final,when the defender was chasing the winger to the corner flag!
    There was no opportunity for AC or SA,to give evidence,at the hastily arranged hearing,so the whole thing is a farce,and the truth and honesty should win over the cheat,who never even got booked for an over the top foul.IF HE IS OUR BEST REF THEN THE WORLD WILL LAUGH AT US.

  6. Elizabeth Sillince

    As a fan not only of football (also a lifelong hammer) I hate the cheating that has crept into the game and I agree that anyone who cheats should be punished either at the time of the event or retrospectively.

  7. Mel Young

    I can remember a case where Alan Shearer stamped on a players chest and was sent off. He then stated if he lost his appeal he would not represent England in the upcoming world cup . This case was much more of a sending off than Carrolls and yet lo and behold his ban was rescinded . Strange how the FA work isn’t it .

  8. ben makins

    Unbelievable, a joke. chico should be banned too. because faking an injury is not honest and that cannot be allowed conning the ref its illegal. and unsportsmanlike, simple.

  9. Martin osborne

    The sending off was wrong if anything chicory flores should be reprimanded for deliberately trying to con the ref into sending another player off .Also Howard Webb should be dropped down a division as his choices are a little bias towards smaller teams .

  10. Michael hubble

    Flores has cheated west ham and the ref Webb the so called World Cup final ref should be man enough to stand up and accept he made the wrong decision no one will blame him he will gain respect instead of lose it . Don’t I recall seeing respect referees somewhere even on players shirts at some point. Even the cheats manager Laudrup said it was a discrace and will punish him for it ….. Dirty dirty little cheat could send us down to the championship with that lossing Carroll for the next 3 crucial games could be a matter of premiership football or championship . Sort it out look at it we all (the world) know it was not worthy of a red card . Howard Webb is just as bad as Cheato Flores !!!! Come on you irons !!!


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