Sign this petition. Get cheats like Chico Flores banned retrospectively

As I thought, the FA upheld the red card against Andy Carroll from the Swansea game. In a way their hands were tied. Once Chico Flores had conned Howard Webb with his blatant simulation, the FA were always going to back the ref.

Everyone has had enough of these cheats that are ruining our game. West Ham now have to contend with 3 vital games without Carroll that could define their whole season and, if relegation happens as a result, cost them millions of pounds.

Let’s act now to stop these cheats from getting away with it in the future. Sign this petition and force the FA into taking action to bring in retrospective action against players guilty of simulation.

Please sign here: http://goo.gl/5FH0xJ

Many thanks

15 thoughts on “Sign this petition. Get cheats like Chico Flores banned retrospectively

  1. Alan Beresford

    Yes I’m a Hammers fan and I think the FA had no choice but I’m astonished that no comment was made about the actions of Chico Flores.

    I call upon them to make a stand and eradicate this blight on English football.

  2. Vince Rossi

    By upholding the sending off of Carroll they are condoning cheating by players. Flores should be in the dock and banned for several matches. He must be laughing his socks off now. If it was an alleged “rascist” incident the powers that be would be all over it but in this instance are turning a blind eye and condoning this despicable behaviour. I was at the game and you could hear the scream from Flores from fully 60 yards away, coupled by several dramatic rolls. Dd it not occur to Webb to inspect the facial damage inflicted if he was so badly hurt? Perhaps if Carroll had launched his foot into Flores’ chest he would have only incurred a booking? Webb is very over rated.

    1. Spence55

      Very good points Mr Rossi. I too was 60 yards away and the only damage I could see was to Flores hair bun which looked slightly dishevelled and uneven; nothing a half-decent hairdresser couldn’t remedy with a brush and a pot of moulding wax.

      As for the appalling Webb ? Not man enough to admit he got it so badly wrong, and all that has happened is the pathetic, faceless F.A have backed their man in a World Cup year so as not to embarrass him. Root and branch overhaul long overdue for this dated, out of touch and laughable organisation.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree that simulation should be punished. Even what Chico did should have been punished which was exaggerate an injury. There is a difference but both are wrong. Simulation implies no contact and feigning injury. Exaggeration implies contact but the injury isn’t as bad as the reaction implies.

    What is also wrong is swinging an arm unnecessarily in the hope of catching an opposing player. THAT is what actually happened (as replays clearly show) and THAT is the reason Carroll (correctly) got sent off. Chico’s antics doesn’t change this fact.

    1. Spence55

      Check out your local Specsavers buddy. Garbage version of events, pure and simple. Try playing centre forward and keeping your arms by your side…yes exactly.

  4. Trevor Soloman

    They should introduce retrospective bans for cheats like Flores he has done this before and will keep doing it until stopped by a ban. It would clean up the sport immediately. He is not the only one and what message does this send to the young players coming in to the game that basically you can cheat your way to results. We pay good money to see a proper game not a load of actors posing as players.

  5. Terry Breens

    Chico Flores behavior and the FA’s apathy towards player simulation to get players sent off or to win penalties makes my blood boil.

    This is a good idea in principle, but somehow it needs to be given exposure accross the entire football community. A petition with ten’s of thousands of signitures will have far greater impact if they are from a wider range of supporters from different clubs.

  6. Colin Bishop

    Howard Webb has made another mistake how he is one of the top referee’s in the country I don’t know. Get these cheating b~~~~~~s banned they are the ones that should get the three match ban

  7. rob

    What you have missed also is that flores had carroll in a head lock so why is he not ban ? Carroll was spinning around to get away. But webb missed that flores head lock. Webb is not a top ref, otherwise he would own up to his mistake .

  8. dan butler

    Andy Carroll was not sent off for the reactions of chico flores – he was sent off for intentionally flinging his arm in chico`s direction . it matters not one bit if chico pretended to have been badly hurt. if you dellusional west ham supporters wernt so stupid and watch it back .Howard Webb was sending him off before chico even hit the floor . hope it costs you relegation and 75 million in revenue . your too bitter for your own good- not my fault your a one man team . pathetic


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