FA Cup no bother for Allardyce, as West Ham become lambs to the slaughter

As the FA Cup game against Nottingham Forest approached, few would have argued that West Ham’s priority should be Premier League survival, and considering Sam Allardyce’s indifference towards playing youth in the first team this season, few would have predicted a team selection comprising a large percentage of the U21 side.

For some time, fans (including myself) have been asking why no youth players seem to be getting a chance at West Ham, with the likes of Elliot Lee, Blair Turgott and Pelly Ruddock showing promise. No doubt this has been a source of irritation for Sam Allardyce who after all is the manager and knows best what his players are capable of. Even when we are so deperately short of fit first team players, Allardyce has preferred playing senior players out of position, and persevering with out of form players like Maiga. Surely blooding new talent gradually in first team games with senior players around them to give them advice and encouragement is the sensible way of going about it? It seems not. Instead, as if to prove a point, Allardyce today fielded a near entire team of young players up against high flyers Nottingham Forest, with only the lightweight collection of Jarvis, Maiga, Diarra and Downing providing the leadership that was required.

Forest bossed the first half and could have had a few, but the young Hammers kept the score down to a single penalty goal. The formation with three centre halves at the back was clearly not working with the defence being run ragged. The second half started and Big Sam obviously thought that things weren’t going quite to plan, and promptly hauled off Diarra and Downing and thrust on yet more lambs to the slaughter to fill their shoes. The tactics stayed the same of course. This had the desired effect, and Forest rattled in 5 goals by the end, and it could have been more.

As Sam Allardyce walked off smiling at the end, the young lads of West Ham trudged off with pain and disappointment in their faces and in their hearts. They had mostly tried their best but had been hung out to dry by their manager who had showed no intent to win the match, and seemed solely interested in proving a point and showing that he was in indeed right all along, such is the arrogance of the man. What should have been an opportunity for a few young lads to show what they can do ended in an exercise in cannon fodder that some of the lads may not recover from.

I have lost all respect I once had for Sam Allardyce, and I will be glad when he leaves these shores with his big fat pay cheque lining his big fat pockets. Shame on you.

3 thoughts on “FA Cup no bother for Allardyce, as West Ham become lambs to the slaughter

  1. Spence55

    Sam…we all saw through your deceiptful little ploy to hang the kids out to dry then smugly blame the fans who had been demanding the inclusion of some young blood throughout the season. Shameful, cheap, treacherous. This is one embarrassment we will never forgive you for. Trust me.

  2. Tricky Tree

    Forest fan in peace. Whilst it would be so easy to gloat over the result today, i cannot help but sympathise with you West Ham fans, especially the nearly 3,000 that made the 120 mile + journey up to Nottingham. Allardyces team selection was nothing short of disgraceful. To field 9 young lads against a very strong and confident Forest side who are on a decent run of form just goes to show how heartless and uncaring the man really is. I sincerely hope that the experience those young lads had to endure today does not do lasting damage to their development and potential in the future. However, I would’ve expected more support from your more senior and experienced players if im being honest.
    Good luck to you in the Semi Finals and all the best for the rest of the season.


  3. Spence55

    Good luck in the next round mate. Apologies for the shambolic mess we stunk the City Ground out with ! Ashamed Hammer.


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