West Ham in meltdown

With the news that Johnny Heitinga has rejected a move to West Ham in the January transfer window, it seems that the club’s grip on Premier League survival is loosening day by day. Heitinga said “You have to be convinced that you are taking the right step and I was not.” Whether he is referring to the owners, the manager or the club’s precarious league position is not clear, but it further emphasises the problems the club has in attracting new talent and nurturing the talent it currently has.

With Sam Allardyce’s preference for experience over youth and his reliance on statistics over flair, it is no surprise to see the inestimable talent of Ravel Morrison floundering amongst the predictable and turgid tactics that the manager employs. A complete absence of any youth players emerging from the academy and playing regularly in the first team over the last few years is another indictment of the current regime. The likes of Elliot Lee and Dan Potts should surely have been given more of a chance, especially considering the number of injuries the club have racked up over the season.

The alarming behaviour of captain Kevin Nolan is another indication that things are not right in the heart of the club. Having now been sent off twice in a month for completely random acts of violence, it is an obvious sign that things need to change, and despite the public backing of the board it seems that the manager’s job is now up for review. The owners will obviously have memories of the Avram Grant tenure in mind, when they procrastinated over have sacking him until it was too late, and so if a decision is to be made it is likely to be made soon.

The fans themselves have been patient so far. When the manager was getting results it was ok for the team to be playing precentage football. But when you are paying good money to watch boring football and you are losing most of your games as well, then the natives become restless and start revolting.

Personally I expect the owners to wait until Carroll returns. If then after a few games things have not improved, then I expect Sam to get the heave-ho. We shall see. In the meantime with Nolan out again and Noble now injured, I cannot see any prospect of a change in fortune, so keep on taking the tablets people!

7 thoughts on “West Ham in meltdown

  1. John Atkinson

    West Ham have a great history and, with their new stadium, they have great potential for the future. We saw good prospects refusing to join us during the summer transfer window and, already, we’re seeing it again. Don’t the Davids realize that it’s not that top players don’t want to play for the Hammers, it’s because they don’t want to play for Sam Allardyce.

  2. Jonny ninja

    The problem we have is who to appoint? Whatever people think of Sam he hAs moved the club forward, the year grant was in charge was one of the worst in my 30 years as a fan but us fans have very short memories.
    As for giving youth a chance they just are not good enough, we are living in past glories! I now live near Portsmouth where Potts has been on loan. He struggled to impress at fratton park in the 4th tier yet our fans digout Sam for not playing him???

    I’m all fir keeping Sam personally! We make the wrong choice we still get relegated and could well struggle next year. West ham fans dont give Sam the credit he deserved to get us up 1st time in a very competitive league. We’ve had a lot of bad luck as well as some poor decisions this season. If we do go down I still think he is the best man to get us up

  3. laz

    Don’t the Davids realize that it’s not that top players don’t want to play for the Hammers, it’s because they don’t want to play for Sam Allardyce. wake up as this ship is sinking fast

  4. Paul

    Heitinga is totally crap
    Believe me I would of paid half his wages myself to get rid of him
    He is slow, can’t head and tackles recklessly
    Count your blessings you did not sign him
    He has not played a single minute this season despite his 65k a week wages

  5. Paul

    Boys, I am a staunch Evertonian and in my opinion, Johnny is not up for the sort of fight you may need. It is nothing to do with Sam or the owners as they are solid people with a great club and top notch fans.

    Honestly guys, you did well dodging this one as JH wants a club that will give him an easy passage to the World Cup as a sub!

  6. ironsnut

    Insanity it is said is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein
    If this is true then the Board and the Manager at West Ham must be insane. because no sane person would let things get this bad without changing something, whether that be the Manager, or the Tactics. There appeared to be a plan A of sorts, but that went out of the window with the injury to AC, no backup plan, and only one set of tactics. The tactics might have worked at Bolton or even in the Championship, but in the PL, not a hope. Without being negative “We are where we are”, and that looks increasingly like being relegated. The issue is when will the board issue the instruction to start jettisoning players in readiness for the Championship, and will the Manager survive, or will the Board choose another one to help survival in the Championship. Would it not be better to look at a longer term strategy, and start replacing older players with younger ones that could help with survival in the Championship, and getting promoted in order to build a team that when promoted could survive in the PL with an eye on being in the PL when we take over the OS. With the way that players are behaving or misbehaving, on and off the field there has got to be something amiss, and with yet another players turning down West Ham it does appear that no one wants to play for the Manager. The issue is yet again the Board have not acted and this indecision now takes us to the point of diminishing returns, if a new Manager came in is there enough time to get the players that are available to play to a different system and get results? If the answer is no then getting a new manager would be in preparation for the Championship and getting promotion. Personnel would inevitably have to change in order to trim the wage bill. So yet again we would be doing the rounds of the bargain basements, or perish the thought going with younger players in order for them to gain experience, and build a better team.
    Well that’s the rant over, and I hiope that my misgivings are misplaced, but I have a sinking feeling that very soon we will be bottom and will stay there. This reminds me too much of the Avram Grant fiasco and that was not a good advert for West Ham, this has all of the hallmarks of turning in to a disaster again.

  7. Rich Trezise

    Had enough of the boring, tedious and turgid tactics of Allardyce.
    Players will not come because he only knows one way to play and they will lose.
    But the biggest problems are neither Sam not the board. They ‘re that inexplicable bunch who seem to see nothing wrong in his actions, despite the predicament in which we have been placed by our manager’s incompetence.
    Multiple polls suggest far more than 40 % back the manager.
    God help us.


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