Well, I didn’t think he would do it, but he did. Despite being blindingly obvious to everyone else, Sam Allardyce again played Modibo Maiga up front on his own in the match against Hull, and – surprise, surprise – West Ham failed to score yet again. Not only that, but the referee conspired against us, inflicting a worrying 1-0 defeat with a very soft penalty decision.

As another fan reminded me today (I can’t remember who!), Einstein once said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I’m beginning to think that Mr Allardyce is indeed in La-La Land, and we are going to be in serious trouble very soon if something is not done now. The whole situation is laughable, as I mentioned in a previous post, but the chairmen must also take a large share of the blame as well as our one-dimensional manager. How we can end up with just one (injury prone) striker with no backup is beyond me.

Allardyce out?

7 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. essex Iron

    Thank you bFS for stabilising us as a sqaud but u are unable to use our good set of players Miaga included and set them up against their strengths. You think Tomkins would be a good DM when he already is an amazing young CB. And when your backs against the wall and is time for a reshuffle instead of changing the formation to suit the players you do the opposite and plonk big Mo Diame on the wing. He accused us fans of being deluded ..well you are showing everyone how deluded you are by your tactical ignorance and nonsensical team selection. we are lead to believe that Matt Taylor is a better CM then our very own Jack Collison. You are the manager of our great club but yet still you have never heard of Elliott Lee. You chose to ignore that Nolan (awsome capatin) is only decent when AC is there and play him week in week out when you have players Who are hungry on the bench and youth teams. Any good manager will rest or drop players who are not performing, a Message which would keep everyone on there toes. But no You persist each week with the same dross whenthe same dross didn’t work the week before. Our team is not set up to win or dominate a game. Each time we get a point or 3 its usually luck or the other team were worse , but it’s more down to the players we have ,they do the best they can and work hard . They battle with the strength and Depth of the PL and also battle with the rigidness of your School playground Tactics. Our sqaud want to play football and test themselves but You don’t allow them to play , you are making them all play within themselves. And it shows by not acquiring any of your transfer targets that no one wants to play for you or your kak tactics , and this is because the modern day player has Ambition where as you do not. You are good at keeping teams up granted but we cannot be going into the the Olympic Stadium with this type of attitude. Teams and players need to see that we are trying to be a top 6 team not a team clawing there way to stay in the league. Your remit was Promotion (tick) and PL football (tick) well done and thank you, but I and thousands more fans im sure are now wanting more from our Manager. … Someone explain the amazing team that is Swansea why are teams like this now leaps and bounds ahead of us in terms of potential and the way their club is heading. Answer in short their manager and his philosophy. Yours Sincerely #AlladyceOut ps Andy 1967 ps tell me it’s true about the Bolton link regarding BFS

    ps I have copied n pasted this from an article I posted on earlier.

  2. steviez

    watching west ham at the moment is like watching paint dry [boring] I don’t mind what way the set up is but getting beat by Hull just isn’t good enough. And I have backed Sam all the way but he cant blame the ref or players, if the boot was on the other foot there would of been no crying . Sam your the boss and the buck stops with you , getting beat by Hull has to be our darkest hour, taking nothing away from Hull they won the game fair play to them .

  3. Jay Mullaly

    if a manager lives and breathes by every decision then yes he should be out – but I cannot imagine he is alone in the ridiculous decision to put all the eggs in the Carroll basket – I am staggered that we are in this position again after so much freeking promise at the start of the season, same old West Ham. Worries me more that Carrolls injury return is ‘week to week’, I am sure they know more than they are letting on. Our only saving grace is that there are a few other worse teams than us in the prem…..although we lost to one Saturday 🙂

  4. Ray

    Give it a rest, will yeah, from a positive view point, we got back Downing last part of match so he only get better, then there’s Cole ( joe) he’s back soon, then there’s Petvic pardon if I mis spelt his name my apologies. On top of this we might have the other cole back too and of course AC.

    If this was the middle of the season and AC was just as far away from coming back as he was at the beginning and all of the above was just starting there injuries, I would understand where your coming from.
    But it is not, so I don’t, if you don’t like Sam, that’s your right, but using this platform to send your disdain for the man, is at the very least unprofessional.

  5. Dan O'Brien

    Lost to a worse team than us. We also blew it against Stoke, Newcastle and Southampton who are worse than us. This situation about Carroll and the board and Sam throwing lies in the fans faces about his return is adding insult to injury. The fans pay good money to support West Ham and the board should respect us for that and stop the lying.

  6. kW

    It has been evident since the start of the season that the team is set up for a nil nil and anything better than that we should be grateful for. sa in all of his carrier has never managed a top club that has come close to winning anything. He was and still is the wrong choice. We should have stuck with Zola and Clarke. Look how well they are doing. We only managed a second win against Cardiff because they played a weakened team. Totally inept is the only way of describing the current striker situation and unless something is done soon ( new manager ) we will be in a relegation battle all season. Hell we haven’t even played any decent teams yet and never look like scoring. Even Sunderland looked better at the weekend.

  7. notanyoldiron

    Totally agree with these comments. But i believe that Allardyce and Sullivan are very close. And i’d be surprised if Sullivan wasn’t completely involved, and sanctioned, all of decisions regarding Carroll and Downing. But team selection and tactics will all be down to Sam A. Totally inept!!!


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