The Curse of Andy Carroll

If reports are to be believed, our saviour is returning! Andy Carroll is training hard, apparently, and is likely to play a part in the forthcoming match against Southampton.

With our attempts to sign a second striker seemingly akin to a West End farce, it would appear that the success of our season rests solely on the ability of the West Ham back room staff keeping Mr Carroll fit and playing. Despite rhetoric from the chairmen claiming that they are glad they did their business early, the failure to sign a half decent backup to Andy Carroll could consign our season to the toilet. But therein lies the problem. Any striker that we would wish to buy would know from the outset that he would probably only get a game if Carroll was out injured, or if we were losing with 20 minutes to go. We have all our eggs in one basket, and because we blew all our money on the big man, the hen has gone off lay. So instead of being our saviour, the fragility of Andy Carroll could well be our curse. Let’s hope it is not so.

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