jussi jaaskelainen

Jussi – he’s a keeper!

Now West Ham are mathematically safe from the drop it’s time to turn one’s attention to next season, and the incessant transfer “rumours” that pervade the media from now onwards.

Of course, there is the Andy Carrol situation, and it is no secret that West Ham want him to stay. The obstacles, naturally, are the price on his head and his wage demands. I can just about see Liverpool slashing his price enough to make him worth buying, but the bigger stumbling block are his high wages. Although he seems to be happy at Upton Park, Carroll seems to be his own man, as Joe Cole recently pointed out. Whether he will follow the money, or go for a club that offers guaranteed European football, or stick with his mates remains to be seen.

One recent rumour in the media currently is news that West Ham are very interested in taking on Brad Guzan, Aston Villa’s keeper, with £5 million being bandied about. Now I find this one to be a tad strange. Villa are now safe from relegation, and Paul Lambert has a decent young side in the making. Guznan is now firmly established as the number one keeper at Villa after being given his chance by Lambert. I just cannot see why he would want to leave to join the Hammers. Sure, if Man Utd came along it might turn his head, but West Ham are not currently in a position to offer him a big step up from where he is now. Hopefully in a few years that will be different of course! Also, Jussi Jaaskelainen has had a storming season and is very high in most peoples’ Hammer of the Year list. True, he is getting on a bit, but now is not the time to replace him. Now is the time to maybe get a good young keeper with potential as his number two. So keep your 5 mill in your pocket Sam, or use it for the Andy Carroll fund. Because there is still life in old man Jussi yet, and long may it remain so.

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